The Uff Da Box

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Packed full of great items.  13 in total.  That is more than double anything comparable for the price.  Each box is a mini adventure through our great state.  It’s playful, partially edible, and simply a great gift for almost any occasion.


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Included in this Box

Mini Bee Pollen Infused Honey

1.87 oz

Sought after by allergy sufferers! This honey contains a nice variety of pollen which has been collected throughout the entire growing season, from multiple hive sites.

Beeswax Lip Balm

Assorted Variety

You will receive one of an assorted variety of flavors. Lip Balm ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, essential/fragrance oils, stevia and organic coconut oil.

Balsamic Vinegar

2 fl oz

A perfect pairing with many seasonal dishes.  The culinary wizards at Olive Branch feature this amazing vinegar and many other options essential to home cooking.  When you’re ready for more, stop in for a visit – the shop smells amazing!

Pa's BBQ Sauce

15 oz

Sweat Heat: Yep, it’s sweet. Smooth and sweet. And it just wouldn’t be Pa’s without that POP of heat, just when you thought it was safe. Pa’s first creation and arguably his best, depending on your preferences, of course.

Bacon On The Go

7 oz

Riffs Bacon on the Go is a ready-to-eat snack.  Each package has one thick-cut sweet, spicy, and smoky slice of bacon that you can eat right out of the package or heat for 5 seconds in the microwave.

Chocolate Candy

How could a box of goodies not have chocolate in it!  Leave it to the candy masters in White Bear Lake to delight the sweet tooth with this fun shaped confection. 

Uff Da Tea Towel

Towel approx. 27"x27"

A quality cotton tea towel around the kitchen is essential.  However, an Uff- Da! Inspired tea towel is unforgettable.  Not only because of the classic MN phrase, but because this design is by the celebrated artist Adam Turman.

The Original Chocolate Hockey Puck

Minnesotans love their hockey.  Minnesotans also love their chocolate.  Grandma’s Bakery combined the love of both things into The Original Chocolate Hockey Puck.  Chocolate Cake – Chocolate Chips – Chocolate Icing   Mmmmmm

Coral Double-Wall Stainless Wine Vacuum Tumbler

12 oz

12 Oz., Insulated, Beverage Holder, Pint, Non-Breakable, Hot, Cold, Double Walled, Stainless Steel, Round. Keeps drinks cold on hot summer days, and contains the heat on cold winter nights.

Sticky Notepad

4" x 3"

In the digital era it’s still nice to share a hand written message.  It’s also perfect for leaving out a reminder to buy more tater tots for the hot-dish during the Vikes game.

Uff-Da Sticker

4" x .7" (water bottle not included)

As you travel around this wonderful country make sure you either add this sticker to a back window or water bottle.  Represent!

Uff-Da Greeting Card

Enough said.  This greeting card is perfect for virtually any occasion.  It’s blank inside so you can use it for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day, and pretty much any holiday.

Uff Da! Bandages

3" x 1" Bandages

The first thing a Scandinavian does after a minor injury is utter an “Uff Da!” under their breath. Now, you can follow that up with an Uff Da! Bandage. Featuring the colors of the Norwegian flag. Each of the fifteen large, 3″ x 1″, sterile strips says Uff Da! They’ll let the world know you’re hurt, but that’s just part of life. They come in a 3-¾” tall metal tin with a FREE PRIZE! Latex-free adhesive.